Candle in Glass Jar

Candle love

Handpoured vegan soy candles made in my kitchen one at a time.  Each candle is unique and made with love, heart and soul with every pour. May the fragrant scent take you away to memories of that special place held in your heart.


Tanya started Majesty Crown candles from her kitchen in Portland Oregon in 2022. As a native Oregonian artist that has always loved the ambiance and scent of candles that easily transform a room to a favorite memory of times gone by. It might be the scent of your Mom's apple pie during the holidays, or a trip to Paris during spring with the smell of lilacs in the garden that sparked that memory in your mind.  As an artist Tanya has always enjoyed making handcrafted artsy things. The art of candle making came naturally to her. These natural soy candles are hand poured in her kitchen one at a time. She puts her heart and soul into everything she makes.  Each candle is unique and made in the USA. She launched her business with 5 signature scents. Midnight in Paris, Monet's Garden, Vanilla and Spice Cake, Strawberries and Champagne,  Lavender Fields.  These Luxury all natural soy wax scented candles offer their own unique experience, harnessing the ability to evoke memories and emotions. I hope you experience the joy of each candle as much as she has enjoyed making them. All it takes is one scent to bring back a thousand memories.